Watch for our mandatory pre-screening email

This must be completed 24 hours prior to your appoinment. If SICK or experiencing any SEASONAL ALLERGIES, please inform us immediately to reschedule. We reserve the right to cancel appointments if our screening process is incomplete or if diagnostics detect significant risks.



Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time. There is a limit of 2 people in the elevator at a time. Ideally, we will greet you at the office door. No need to checkin at front desk- just make yourself visible and we will be with you as soon as we are ready.


Please make use of our hand sanitizer on the reception counter or wash your hands upon arrival. Hand washing with warm water and soap for 30 second and not touching one's face are important practices for reducing transmission of most contagious diseases. 


At this time, massage patients can expect to wear a mask during treatment. Please bring your own or one will be provided upon arrival. Your practitioner will wear a mask when working with you. If you have a chronic cough, please notify us upon arrival.


It is impossible to properly maintain a safe social distance of 2m during massage therapy treatments. You will be asked to sign a COVID waiver on your first visit stating you are aware of the risks associated with treatment and not being able to distance at this time. Verbal consent will be renewed each visit. Please be mindful of social distancing if you encounter other patients while moving through the clinic space and building.


We clean all potentially encountered surfaces after each treatment- all linens changed, tables sprayed and wiped, patient stool and side table (please keep your items in these areas), door handles, light dimmer, table remote, etc. We allocate 30 min between patients for this routine.


We have removed some of the comforts we previously enjoyed providing our patients. We do this to reduce potential vectors. Blankets are no longer on the massage table, but extra sheets can be added if you are prone to getting cold. As much as we want your treatment to be a comfortable experience, we need it to be a safe one.

Thank you for cooperating as we continue to adapt our practice...